I have a wealth of experience in helping dog owners with general training problems.

General training would include:-

- non-competitive obedience
- Recall
- lead walking
- teenage cheekiness
- toilet training
- general manners in and outside the home

All of my training methods are centred around the dog.  No two dogs are the same. Motivations and responses differ in all of us. 

Being shown what TO do is by far more efficient than just being told what NOT to do.

All training is based on positive reinforcement tailored to your dog.

Training sessions are booked in packages for new clients, either 3 or 5 sessions, once a package is complete there is the option for top up sessions or a further package should you wish to take training to the next step!

Please note - these are not suited to behavioural problems - if in doubt book a call with me BOOK CALL