Abbie - 17 February 2018


Nikki is an absolute diamond; she shows genuine care and affection for my Bella and always makes the sessions fun for her. Bella gets so excited when Nikki walks through the door and that's a lovely thing to see. When we got our girl, she had already had two previous homes and she was riddled with anxiety at the thought of leaving us, didn't know how to play with toys and only knew how to sit. Now Bella loves learning and has many tricks behind her belt, and has started to play with toys. Nikki helped us make Bella feel more comfortable when we leave her alone, and was there for us too when we were upset about how Bella was feeling. She is full of tips and tricks for things to do with your dog, and is flexible on training sessions so if something crops up that needs immediate attention she can switch to that issue instantly. Regardless of if it is your 'paid time' with her, she is always happy to answer any questions in between sessions and give advice. Bella still has a long way to go with her training, but she is coming on in leaps and bounds and we have to give some credit to Nikki for that. I think Bella will still want Nikki to visit even when the time comes where she may not need anymore 1-2-1 sessions � 

So thankyou Nikki!! Would highly recommend her to anyone for anything dog training related!! �