About Nikki Birkett

I have been a dog lover since I can remember, growing up with our Whippet/Lab mix, Bobby, who in my memory was amazing.

Being a professional Dog Trainer is my dream job and I love working with each and every one of my client's dogs. I have worked hard to ensure that I am up to date on the latest science based methods which are kind and ethical and have the well being and comfort of your dog at the centre of all training.

I have achieved accreditation with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), the Dog Training College and also the Pet Professional Network and have attended the following to ensure you and your dogs have the best training I can provide:-

Qualifications and Accreditation

Member of the IMDT
Member of the Pet Professional Guild
Approved Trainer with The Dog Training College
Member of the Pet Professional Network (Platinum Level)
OCN Level III In Methodology: Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour
OCN Level III in Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour
Certificate in Canine First Aid and CPR


I cannot have this website without having a section dedicated to Coco. Nikki Birkett Dog Training+ would not exist if it weren't for her.

My husband and I adopted Coco from our local RSPCA branch in 2015 and she changed our lives. She came to us as a fearful young dog, 11 months, who had not had the best start to life.

She can still get nervous around other dogs occasionally but despite everything she is the most loving, affectionate dog who loves cuddles on the sofa at night. Once you have her trust you have it forever.

Working with Coco through her fear and lack of confidence means I have experienced first hand the level of dedication it takes from an owner. I wanted to make sure I could support others through this journey. I can validly say I know exactly what you are going through.  I can also say that hard work really does pay off and it is all completely worth it as your journey progresses.

So really, Coco is to thank for the nudge to set up Nikki Birkett Dog Training+


I’ve always loved dogs and grew up with three fantastic rescue dogs, Mitzie, Joe and Jake, who were
all Collie crosses but each had very different personalities.

Whilst volunteering at my local RSPCA branch, I met and fell in love with Todd, an 8 year old Collie
cross who had been rescued from a life of neglect. I adopted Todd in 2012 (after he chose me as his
human by peeing up my welly!). Todd came to me with no basic training and lots of quirks and so
there began my love of training. Working with Todd required lots of patience and understanding but
he was proof that you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks. Through positive reward based
training we built a strong bond, I earned Todd’s trust, and he learnt how a dog’s life should be. Our
proudest moments together were achieving an ace in Talking Dogs Rally Veteran Level 1 and
becoming a Talking Dogs Scentwork accredited team.

Sadly, Todd crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018, and I took on a very different challenge, a 3 year old
working type Springer Spaniel called Molly who I adopted from Dogs Trust Leeds. When Molly first
came home with me she was nervous and submissive, she had no idea how to be still, and she
obsessively chased insects in the garden. With kind, fair and effective training Molly now loves
gundog games, scentwork, mantrailing, Hoopers, Canicross and Rally. And after she’s burnt off some
of her Springer energy there’s nothing she likes better than snuggling on the sofa!

I love how positive reward based training helps us to build relationships with our dogs and work as a
true partnership. There’s nothing better than seeing a dog develop into the best and happiest dog it
can be.