Armed for Success Reactive Course

Your dog spots another dog or person.  Do they stare?  Or do they pull, bark, lunge or hide behind you?  Or maybe they get so excited that they just cannot contain themselves and are... [ Read more ]

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Your dog spots another dog or person.  Do they stare?  Or do they pull, bark, lunge or hide behind you?  Or maybe they get so excited that they just cannot contain themselves and are helicoptering at the end of the lead?

If you are in any of these groups then this is the programme for you!

A 3 months programme designed to help you understand what your dog is going through, the physiology, handling, management and to fill your virtual toolbox with techniques to mean you are armed to make those walks easier for both you and your dog.  We will look at breaking down the acronyms you see, CC, BAT, LAT, look what we can do away from walks to help our dog including freework, the power of touch. and games to help with confidence. Everything from every angle to leave YOU confident and armed!

We also look at individual needs for each team and how we can help in the home and with visitors.

The aim of the course is to make sure you have access to everything you need to enjoy life with your dog more!

This course is a fusion of group support and personal training, with a maximum of 4 participants at any time, meaning you get a personalised plan.  There is a one hour group session via Zoom plus a half hour private session 8 times throughout the programme  There is the possibility if you are local to Selby for a in person session after week 4 of the programme.  Full support through a private Facebook group is also provided.

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Working with Nikki has given us a greater in depth understanding of Angel's mind and the thought process she experiences whilst out on a walk, the triggers and fears she has.  This in turn is giving us greater confidence to manage her needs whilst away from the home.
Learning this virtually has been an added benefit as the skill set focuses on the owner rather than the dog so we haven't needed to 'stress out' our fearful dog by taking her to a field for 'dog class' and asking her to 'perform' in front of not only strangers but other dogs who she is nervous and scared of.  We've been able to focus on learning the technique which we can then practice in our own comfortable environments.  
All of this with the weekly zoom class to share experiences and support each other along the way, not forgetting the endless emails and text chats with Nikki who is always more than happy to help. 
We contacted Nikki and started Armed For Success due to our dog Hugo becoming triggered by other dogs. This started at the beginning of COVID-19 when dog owners used to change direction or cross the road and Hugo began getting frustrated because he couldn’t say hello.

Hugo was constantly on-edge awaiting distractions and managing how the triggers affected his behaviour was a massive struggle. Since week 1, we’ve learnt many different techniques to reduce Hugo’s stress levels when out on a walk. With the help of Nikki, he’s much better on the lead because he doesn’t pull as much.

Our beagle is now a lot calmer when out on a walk and has began checking-in with us even when he’s aware a trigger is nearby. Learning the theory behind his behaviour has opened our eyes to how he must’ve been feeling initially. Hugo is now more sociable than ever and seems so much happier in himself when outside on a walk and inside the house. 

Thank you so much for all your help Nikki.

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