Reactive Dogs

Whilst I do deal with a wide range of behavioural issues I am particularly passionate about helping 'reactive' dogs.  Those who are a bit of a worrier, a bit wary, scared, a bit noisy and even a bit too excitable.

These dogs just need someone to listen and help.

Add to this my passion for rescue and foreign dogs!

Having spent time at Spanish rescue and having the joy of my own Romanian boy, I am no stranger to the nuances of these amazing dogs.

Below are my package options.  Payment plans are always available, I just want to help make the process as easy for you as possible.


If walking your dog has become a worry, something to dread and can be 'embarrassing'because your dog is barking or lunging, then you are in the right place.
I understand - I have been there.  We can work through what your dog is feeling and help them worry less on walks.  I can work together with you and your dog from the root cause of their anxiety.

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